Inspiration by Design Gallery

Inspiration by Design is the inspirational products storefront for Design Ideation. The physical gallery is located in the historic Grand Garage in downtown Stillwater Minnesota. The storefront puts the art of inspiration on display with an active design Studio, an inspirational products Gallery and a venue for small group inspirational, educational and corporate Events. Design Ideation merges the rhythm of design thinking with a developed understanding of human behavior to make inspiration the driver for art, design and education.

The inspirational artwork products that are featured on the site and in the physical gallery space were imagined, created and developed by Design Ideation for Inspiration by Design.

Design Ideation Studio

Design Ideation researches, designs, develops and produces inspirational products that are made available for retail sale inside and outside the Inspiration by Design Gallery. Design Ideation produces product examples of graphic arts and photographic arts in the form of framed artwork, gallery wraps, safety artwork and floating artwork.  The storefront Gallery also features inspirational product examples of graphic arts and photographic arts featured in educational materials such as Notebooks, Sketchbooks and Inspiration Pads.  For the most part the products that are offered in the storefront and online Gallery were imagined or created in the Design Ideation Studio. The photography is from Design Ideation photographers and the graphic arts is from Design Ideation graphic designers.

We have a design services foundation. We are in the business of designing experiences and inspiring the people we work with. We put decades of architectural, interior design , and product design experience to work for our clients and their residential, retail, commercial, educational and institutional projects. We approach each project as though we are designing a complete and intuitive experience whether for a new building, interior space or the artwork within.

The studio products displayed on the website, such as the murals, exhibition artwork, etc. are a small sampling of the  range of design capabilities we possess. We put no limitations on design. We can design virtually any project or product that our clients can imagine and have been doing it for decades. We are not afraid to experiment, invent and create. We do not take shortcuts. We produce the highest quality work and insist on processes that make that possible.

Challenge us. We thrive on creating something new and better.

Design Ideation | Inspiration By Design.
324 S Main St. Stillwater, MN 55042 :: Established 2014