It is the art of inspiration.

It is in the natural world around us. It is in the people we meet and the places we visit. It is in the connection we make when we have the courage to get too close to a wild animal. It is in the special relationship we have with a mountain, river or lake. It is what makes us want to keep going back to the places that hold a place in our heart. A photograph helps us remember.

When we have been inspired we remember the moment. Inspiration influences us with extremes and subtleties. It captures us with patterns, shapes and colors …. natural or abstract. Instinctively we want to recreate it. Inspiration can be from an action or behavior. Inspiration is what makes us want to be unique and do great things.

The art of inspiration can be in our ability to capture the moment with a photograph, influence a behavior with an encounter or evoke emotions with thoughtful design. Inspiration can cause an immediate reaction or challenge us to think. Through his work, Paul strives to do both.

Paul DeVetter is the founder of Design Ideation | Inspiration by Design, a veteran of design thinking and an inventor at heart. Paul is an architect, designer, teacher and proponent for the intuitive application of design thinking to art, education, business and life.

Inspired by a passion for design and an admiration for the power it has to turn ideas into objects Paul’s artwork is the result of more than two decades of exploration into the potential of inspiration. Impressed by the influence that inspiration has on his design work, Paul set out to capture some of it with photography.

Paul’s artwork includes examples of photography, photographic arts and graphic arts. His approach is to get closer to the key part of the subject and leave a bit for the imagination.

It is the inspiration of art.

Design Ideation | Inspiration By Design.
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