Design and Space

Architecture is where it all begins. Inspiration comes to life in the spaces where we live, work and play. Interior design is where we animate the spaces with palettes of color, pattern and texture. In part, the design of the interior space follows the lead established by the architecture. It also sets the stage for the furnishings, furniture and artwork.

With completed building projects valued at more than a billion dollars, we are able to leverage extensive experience and offer design inspiration for commercial, retail, health care, educational and institutional projects. The architectural palette of space, form and movement initiate the spirit and style of an environment. Within architectural space is where artwork lives and thrives.

Artwork can bring a space to life or pull it together. It can be the binder and the finishing touch. Sometimes the space is merely a canvas for the exhibit of the artwork like a museum. Other times it is a subtle nudge or reinforcement of a philosophy or style. Artwork is important for individual or group expression. We feel it is an important part of the experience of a space and deserves thoughtful design and planning.

Artwork and Inspiration

We are in the business of inspiration and identify with certain types of imagery, behaviors and activities. We feature those inspirations in our artwork and design. We draw inspiration from nature and pass it on to our clients and customers. There are so many wonderful things to see in this world. Why not share? We take the time to visit places that inspire us and share those experiences as well.  There is no end to how much we can be inspired by other people. Every day we meet new people or just observe them doing the things they love to do. It inspires us and we choose to share those interactions and experiences with our customers. It is our passion.

Our abstract artwork is our own interpretation of how our world of design and inspiration works with or against the natural and expected. The compositions of geometric shapes and elements are inspired by architecture and the man made world in which we live. It is the good and the bad. It is the depth and perspective. It is the imagination, selection and assembly of rigid forms with the organic natural curves. It is color and time and space, all thrown together in a pile. It is the game of pick up sticks and the experience of speeding down the highway or at least our remembrance of such. The man made world is borrowed and reinvented. It is wonderful. Especially when it works with nature. It inspires us to reinterpret what we have seen and reassemble it with what we have collected. This is art. Art is is interpretation and visualization. It is the real and imaginary working together. It is borrowed and shared. It is whatever the visitor sees it to be. Art is what is inside of us. It just needs to be inspired to come out.

Our artwork is just the beginning of how we can help you find your inspiration and design your space. We have access to millions of inspirational images and works of art covering all subjects and palettes. Once we discover the perfect works for your space we can apply them to just the right materials such as canvas, metal, acrylic, etc. We can connect you to your inspirations through our customized lightboxes assembled from the inspirations of others.

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